Embroidery Machine Connection


Wirelessly manage and transfer embroidery designs to your embroidery machine

Send design files directly from EmbroideryStudio to your embroidery machine

Who is it for?

The revolutionary EmbroideryConnect is specifically designed for embroidery businesses seeking a flexible networking solution. It empowers these businesses to achieve seamless production, improve efficiency, and optimize their operations through real-time monitoring and centralized control features. Plus, EmbroideryConnect supports the integration of multiple devices, making it suitable for various embroidery setups.

Retail kiosk operators can also benefit from the advantages offered by EmbroideryConnect.

Advantages of EmbroideryConnect

  • Wirelessly transfer designs from EmbroideryStudio software to machines
  • LED lighting notifications - colours to notify staff of multiple events such as design acceptance or rejection
  • Encryption for secure wireless design transfer
  • Intellectual property anti-theft solution with transient memory
  • Plug ’n Play without the need for complex software
  • Auto-update of firmware online

No need to worry about

  • Manually loading individual designs
  • Incorrect design file usage
  • Stolen designs
  • Wear and tear on embroidery machine controllers
  • Machine compatibility issues
  • Complicated networks

Use EmbroideryHub software to manage your EmbroideryConnect devices in one place

EmbroideryStudio e4.5 and above versions includes a software component called EmbroideryHub. It is a management console to set-up and manage your EmbroideryConnect devices. EmbroideryHub is standard and free in all levels of EmbroideryStudio.

Barcode scanner ready

Connect your barcode scanner directly to your EmbroideryConnect device and pull designs from the EmbroideryHub queue.

LED notification lights

Vibrant color-coded LED lights provide instant feedback on the status of your EmbroideryConnect device.

Right design, every time

Together with EmbroideryHub, you can ensure the correct design is loaded to the correct embroidery machine, eliminating costly errors and incorrect design selection.

Simple and easy to use

As simple as plug ’n’ play! Connect to your existing WiFi and eliminate complicated network setup and configuration. Once complete, simply plug into your USB supported embroidery machine.

Safe and secure

Designs are encrypted during transfer and will automatically be deleted from the device when disconnected from your embroidery machine (transient memory), protecting your designs.