Wilcom Workspace

Transforming Your Embroidery Business Workflow

Efficiency is key in the world of commercial embroidery. WilcomWorkspace is a user-friendly suite of business tools designed to streamline embroidery workflows, empowering collaboration within your business. These tools enhance efficiency and creativity, seamlessly integrating with your existing setup for faster turnaround times and enhanced productivity.


An essential tool that enhances accuracy and efficiency. It enables teams to view, resize, recolor, print worksheets and export embroidery designs, enhancing collaboration and ensuring high-quality results.


A valuable tool that improves quoting and production scheduling. It provides instant and precise stitch estimations directly from customer graphics, reducing guesswork and enhancing accuracy.

No software download required. Runs in your web browser.

Benefits for Your Business

Simplify Embroidery Workflows

Digitizing, managing, and quoting embroidery jobs can often create bottlenecks, consuming valuable time that could be better spent on creative tasks and business activities. Empower non-embroidery team members to efficiently manage these routine embroidery tasks.

Enhancing Efficiency and Creativity

The collaborative environment accelerates workflows and nurtures enhanced creativity. This efficiency guarantees that your team can consistently meet tight deadlines and exceed customer expectations.

Boosting Profitability

Rapid turnaround times, quicker responses to customer needs, and effortless generation of accurate stitch estimates all contribute to a more time-efficient and profitable operation. Time is no longer a constraint. It’s a competitive advantage!

Flexible Integration

Each tool can seamlessly operate independently or integrate with any of Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio products, ensuring a tailored solution for businesses of any size.

Have your entire team working together

Choose WilcomWorkspace as Your Competitive Advantage!

Enhance Collaboration

Empower your team with Wilcom’s innovative embroidery-specific business tools, reducing the learning curve for non-embroidery staff.

Guaranteed Compatibility

Over 83% of embroidery design and outsourcing businesses worldwide use Wilcom software, ensuring smooth integration and file compatibility.

Seamless Scalability

Expand your business smoothly with Wilcom’s customizable tools, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

Global Leader, Localized Tools

WilcomWorkspace speaks your language with tools available in 8 languages

Take the first steps to unlock the full potential of your embroidery business!

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Your online embroidery companion

Designed as embroidery software for everyone, WilcomWorkspace offers convenient and affordable on-demand, multi-platform embroidery apps.

You can view, resize, recolor, print worksheets and export designs, or even create an accurate stitch estimate with just a few clicks.

Available on PC, MAC and tablet devices.

Web-based embroidery apps tailormade for you

No software download required. Runs in your web browser.


View, resize, recolor, print & export embroidery designs.

Truesizer is the online embroidery application for previewing and preparing embroidery files before stitching. Its simplicity makes it easy for even the most novice users. View, resize, recolor, print worksheets, and convert files for production.


Instant stitch estimates for better quoting & scheduling.

Estimator takes your customer’s logo as a high-quality bitmap image and converts it to an accurate stitch estimation in seconds. Using Wilcom’s proprietary cloud technology, you get precise stitch estimations for production quotations, leaving behind all the guesswork.

No download needed. Works in any web browser.

WilcomWorkspace works in your web browser on any device with no complicated software to download or install.

What you get

  • Works in any browser
  • PC and Mac support
  • Use it in any device from anywhere
  • Always up-to-date with the latest version

What you don't get

  • No large file download
  • No complicated installation
  • No expensive software updates