View, Edit, Convert, Export Embroidery Designs and more

Truesizer is your essential embroidery business tool, streamlining work processes by enhancing accuracy and efficiency. This user-friendly tool enables team members to view, resize, recolor, print worksheets, and export embroidery designs on any PC, Mac, or tablet device. By connecting embroidery and non-embroidery team members, Truesizer promotes collaboration, empowering businesses to meet deadlines with the highest quality standards.

Tailored to Your Embroidery Business Needs

Truesizer is a versatile tool that adapts to businesses of all sizes and complexities. Whether you’re an embroidery client, a small embroidery shop or a large-scale production facility, Truesizer can streamline your embroidery workflows and enhance your productivity.

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Key Benefits of Streamlined & Integrated Workflows


Achieve faster results and reduced timelines, leading to increased productivity.


Minimize errors, reduce waste and ensure consistently high-quality results.


Optimize resource allocation and reduce operational expenses.


Facilitate real-time connectivity among departments and teams for seamless coordination.

Features and Application

Viewing Embroidery Designs

Experience real-time visualization of embroidery design files. Displayed with Wilcom’s TrueView technology, simulating the stitched embroidery design in vibrant thread colors. Additional information, such as design stitch count, dimensions, and single or multiple colorways, is instantly visible. The attention to detail presented ensures that embroidery orders meet and exceed the high standards demanded by professionals.

Altering Or Coloring Embroidery Designs

Effortlessly resizing and edit colorways of embroidery designs. Powered by Wilcom’s legendary stitch processing technology, the original stitch spacing, and density is preserves when scaling. Customize designs or logos seamlessly by editing color thread information. Single and multiple colorways are conveniently stored in a single embroidery design file. Whether you’re adjusting a design’s size or adding colorways, Truesizer empowers you with ease and precision.

Embroidery Production

Empower non-embroidery team members to manage designs and initiate production tasks. Effortlessly generates detailed, bar-coded production reports and summaries, with accurate design and precise thread colorway information. Additionally, it offers seamless export and conversion capabilities for embroidery designs to any commercial machine stitch file, guaranteeing a smooth handover to the production team.

Optimize Your Embroidery Business Workflow

Take Control of Your Embroidery Threads

Create your own company thread collection to manage your thread brands and colors. Choose from a wide range of embroidery thread charts and save your selected colors in your customizable ‘Thread Collection’ for repeated use, saving you both time and money.

Get Started Easily

The user-friendly interface ensures a short learning curve. Experience how this innovative business tool can benefit you and your business.

Explore the full potential of WilcomWorkspace Business Tools and transform your embroidery business workflows.



View, resize and recolor embroidery designs online for less than a coffee a day

The perfect embroidery business software companion

WilcomWorkspace Truesizer is Wilcom’s convenient and affordable on-demand embroidery software for previewing, recoloring and converting embroidery files before stitching.

Its simplicity makes it easy for even the most novice users.

Available on PC, MAC and tablet devices.

View embroidery designs in glorious TrueView

Visualize your embroidery designs in stunning TrueView, simulating the stitched embroidery design in vibrant thread colors.

Resize embroidery designs in WilcomWorksapce Studio.

Resize for that perfect fit

Resizing embroidery designs in WilcomWorkspace Truesizer is simple. Scale designs up and down, and Wilcom’s legendary stitch processing technology perfectly recalculates stitches to maintain the designs original stitch spacing and density.

Recolor colorways

Recolor a design with your choice of thread chart including Madeira, Isacord, Coats, Gunold and more.

Recolor colorways for different colored garments.

Recolor embroidery designs in WilcomWorkspace.

Create Multiple Colorways

Create a unique colorway of your embroidery designs for each color garment, and save the multiple colorways in a single Wilcom .EMB file.

Print multiple colorways on production worksheets for clear garment-by-garment instructions for your production team.

Print Production Worksheets and Summary

Print a Production Worksheet or Summary that contains a preview of the design, size, thread colors and other important production information including multiple colorways.

Export and Save!

Exports your embroidery files to dozens of embroidery stitch files including Tajima .DST, Tajima .TBF, Barudan .DSB, Melco .EXP and more.

Save your designs as rich Wilcom .EMB files to retain all your thread color and embroidery information.

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