EmbroideryStudio Add-ons

Custom Splits

Add carving, embossing and other dimensional effects to your embroidery. Creates texture and details without increasing stitch count. Features included: Flexi Split, Carving Stamp, Make Lines for Stitch Effects, User Defined Split

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Compatible with

  • EmbroideryStudio Designing


  • Custom Split Stitch Effects
  • User Defined Split Stitch
  • Flexi Split
  • Carving Stamp
  • Make Lines for Stitch Effects

What's included in Custom Splits

Carving Stamp

Adds the rich appearance and dimension of woodcut or embossing. Take any image or design and quickly convert it into a Carving Stamp. Simply drag that stamp over any closed object and it will appear “carved” into the object. EmbroideryStudio Carving Stamp creates the needle penetration pattern that gives the design a “woodcut” effect. Once the stamp is applied, the object can be reshaped and edited like any other.

Split lines

Lets you add dimension and detail by creating a line that splits the object—a fill pattern for instance is repeated on both sides of the split. Specify the length, size and shape of your split line. You can use multiple split lines to add even more dimension to the design. Split Lines are part of the object’s properties, and is preserved when you regenerate the object, change stitches or close and reopen the file.