EmbroideryStudio Add-ons

Photo Flash / Color Photo Stitch

Convert black and white, grayscale and color images into multi-color artistic stitching.

  • Converts any photographic file into a color digitized file
  • Automatically handles spacing
  • Specify row and stitch angles

Compatible with

  • EmbroideryStudio Designing
  • EmbroideryStudio Decorating


  • Photo Flash
  • Color Photo Stitch

What's included in Photo Flash

Photo Flash

Photo Flash is traditionally used to transform black-and-white photographic images into realistic embroidery designs quickly. The technique creates even rows of both satin and running stitches and automatically handles the spacing of the stitches by concentrating the satin stitches in darker areas and thinning them out to run stitches in lighter areas of an image. The effect is amazingly realistic black-and-white photo embroidery.

Color Photo Stitch

Color Photo Stitch converts a multi-color photographic file into a color digitized designs, creating an artistc stitch effect.