EmbroideryStudio Add-ons

Advanced Sequins

The complete sequin embroidery solution for single, twin-sequin and double twin-sequin machines.

Now also supports multiple sequins for quad sequin machines.

All the features of the Single Sequins Element plus much more.

  • Pattern stamp twin-sequin fills
  • Smooth edges & variations in sequin column fills
  • Custom sequin shapes
  • Custom sequin hole positions
  • Custom sequin fixing stitches
  • Advanced sequin tools
  • Sandwich Sequins
  • Transparent sequin support
  • Flip Sequins
  • Sequin Stipple Fill

Compatible with

  • EmbroideryStudio Designing


  • 2 stitch effects: Accordion spacing, Colour blending
  • 4 fill types: Stipple stitch, Stipple backstitch, Stipple stemstitch, Cross stitch