EmbroideryStudio Add-ons

Advanced Sequins

The complete sequin embroidery solution for single, twin-sequin and double twin-sequin machines.

Now also supports multiple sequins for quad sequin machines.

All the features of the Single Sequins Element plus much more.

  • Pattern stamp twin-sequin fills
  • Smooth edges & variations in sequin column fills
  • Custom sequin shapes
  • Custom sequin hole positions
  • Custom sequin fixing stitches
  • Advanced sequin tools
  • Sandwich Sequins
  • Transparent sequin support
  • Flip Sequins
  • Sequin Stipple Fill

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Compatible with

  • EmbroideryStudio Designing

Create dazzling multi-sequin designs

Digitize multiple color sequin designs that are ready to run on compatible sequin dispensing machines. Create patterned sequin runs, fills, and borders with either single or stacked sequins.

Multi-sequin fills can be repeated in columns or stipple form.