EmbroideryStudio Add-ons

Single Sequin

Create high impact embroidery files for single sequin machines.

EmbroideryStudio e4 digitizes ready to run sequins

Create elaborate sequin designs using a single size/color sequin per object

  • Digitize sequin objects using manual, sequin run, and sequin column fills
  • Control sequin placement
  • Take existing vector art and convert it directly
  • New smooth edge sequinning

EmbroideryStudio digitizes sequin designs that are ready to run on compatible sequin dispensing machines. Set sequin fills, outlines, and drops as well as type, color, size and hole. Set the desired spacing (EmbroideryStudio will automatically place a sequin at the end of a path). Control sequin placement and fixing stitches, create fill margins and automatic borders, and more. You can even take existing vector art and convert it directly into sequin runs or fills.

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Compatible with

  • EmbroideryStudio Designing
  • EmbroideryStudio Decorating


  • Create designs with Single Sequins
  • Sequin Fill
  • Sequin Run
  • Manual Sequins
  • Offset Center Round Sequins