Our Team

Meet the Wilcom International Team

The Wilcom team is a group of passionate individuals who are deeply committed to their craft. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, our global reach is thanks to our network of staff, partners, and resellers, who are located around the world. With their industry expertise and local knowledge, we can tailor our solutions to meet the diverse needs of the different markets we serve. At Wilcom, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality embroidery solutions to our customers, and our team is at the heart of that mission.

Board of Directors

David Bell

Wilcom Chairman and Independent Director

David is Principal of the Four Bells Group and a director and advisor to a number of companies specializing in the technology and financial markets sectors. His background is in the management and development of businesses in the technology sector, an area where David Bell has over 30 years direct business experience.

Denis Quaintance

Managing Director

Denis is a senior advisor and associate of Four Bells. His extensive experience in IT comes from senior executive roles within US multi-national StorageTek, Powercorp Group and Axon Systems. More recently, as an Executive Director at Origin Capital, Denis specialised in technology sector mergers and acquisitions, as well as being on the Board of a fund investing in early stage technology companies.

Adrian Crouch

Sales Director

Adrian is the Sales Director and has worked at Wilcom since 1993 in several roles including Finance and Operations. He has a deep understanding of the Wilcom business and its International sales organisation. Possessing strong commercial and financial skills, Adrian is able to deliver successful business outcomes for Wilcom and its partners.

Vanja Keres

CFO/Executive Director

Vanja joined the Wilcom Accounting Team in October 1999. She was the Group Accountant before being appointed by the Board of Directors to the role of Group Financial Controller in March 2013, and then promoted to the role of Chief Financial Officer in October 2015. Vanja possesses strong leadership and management qualities and is a graduate from the University of NSW, where she completed her Masters of Commerce, majoring in Accounting.

Senior Executives

Alex Baburin

Chief Technical Officer

Alex joined the Wilcom team in June 2018 and is responsible for the development, delivery and life-cycle management of the company’s products. He has extensive experience in the creation and management of high-technology hardware and software products for Honeywell, Siemens and Integrated Research. Having worked both in Australia and in Germany, his international experience adds great value to the team. Alex is also very passionate about creating amazing products for Wilcom's global customers.

Brenden Prazner

Chief Product Officer

Brenden started his career as an embroidery digitizer and screen print designer in the late 1990s. Later he joined Wilcom in the role of technical support and advanced through to product management, strategy and later marketing management. As a dedciated Wilcom user and self-confessed 'embroidery nerd', Brenden is passionate about building beautiful products that delivers exceptional value to its users while maintaining Wilcom as the industry gold-standard solutions provider.

Julian Dady

Head of Marketing

Julian leads Wilcom’s marketing team and joined the business in early 2023. He brings experience in B2B marketing drawn from an international career at news and business information giant Thomson Reuters and subsequently SAI Global, where he led its digital marketing team. Julian has a passion for strategy, operations, and team building, and is an MBA-graduate from AGSM.

Richard Wienburg

Head of Marketing - Hatch

Richard has worked in the world of digital e-commerce and marketing for over 20 years, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Wilcom team. Having honed his experience in the forward thinking UK digital market, Richard found himself taking the lead when arriving in Australia. Having also had a background in web design, he has passion for the creative and has assembled an incredibly innovative and imaginative marketing team delivering stunning fresh branding for the Hatch Embroidery product line.