EmbroideryStudio Designing Digital Edition

Ultimate embroidery & multi-decoration software for professional digitizers, embroidery shops, industry trainers and educators, and apparel decorators.

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite is included, and fully integrated with purchased EmbroideryStudio Designing level.

Power, precision and proficiency

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Designing is the professional’s choice for creating stunning embroidery designs. It includes an array of digitizing tools, creative stitch types, productivity tools, a library of our world-famous quality lettering, and powerful editing tools to build efficient embroidery designs of the highest quality.

EmbroideryStudio Designing at a Glance

  • 16 powerful Digitizing Tools
  • 9 creative stitch types
  • Branching and automatic sequencing
  • 228 Professionally digitized fonts
  • Name drop (Team Names)
  • Shaping tools to weld, merge and flatten
  • Jagged Edge and Hand Stitch Effect
  • 12 options add-on Elements
  • Library of over 240 Motifs
  • Large clipart library

50 Features Added as Standard!

EmbroideryStudio Designing Digital Edition now includes 7 of our most popular add-on Elements in the standard package. That means over 50 new features for Designing users.

Shading & Open FillsShading & Open Fills

Curved FillsCurved Fills

Spiral FillsSpiral Fills

Reef Photo StitchReef Photo Stitch

Photo FlashPhoto Flash

Offsets AdvancedOffsets Advanced

Auto ArrangementsAuto Arrangements

A selection of our favorite new features

Accordion Spacing

Enhance designs with varied stitch spacing for a gradual shading effect. Choose from 8 presets, adjusting densities for the desired gradient. Avoid manual time-consuming efforts.

Color Blending

Create seamless color gradients with 8 unique effects per hue. Shape captivating transitions using adjustable spacing, effortlessly generating stunning visual gradients.

Florentine Effect

Florentine Effects helps define a curved object by automatically creating a fill stitch pattern that follows that curved and maintains a uniform density.

Liquid Effect

Apply dual curves to one object for dynamic motion. Liquid Effect adapts stitching flawlessly, with a smooth transition between curves.

Contour Effect

The Contour Effect follows the outlines of any object to create an open fill that adds a sense of movement.

Mirror Merge

Use Mirror-Merge to flip objects horizontally, vertically or along a custom axis. Ideal for badges, easily replicate logos by specifying rows and columns.

Stipple Fill

Stipple Fill creates a textured effect and fills a closed shape with a meandering running stitch pattern. Stipple Backstitch, and Stipple Stemstitch also available.

Spiral Fill

Add dynamic stitch patterns to create motion and depth with smooth spirals. Regular shapes offer even spacing, while irregular shapes produce captivating 3D variation.

Advanced Outlines & Offset

Automatically create perfectly uniform outlines with offset controls around existing embroidery or vector designs. Use any combination of multiple stitch types and vector lines.

Reef Photo Stitch

Transform intricate images into single-color run stitches. Create captivating coral reef-like stitch pattern that concentrates on darker areas of the image for an artistic style.

Photo Flash

Swiftly converts high-contrast images to lifelike embroidery. Rows of satin and running stitches adjust automatically, denser in dark spots and lighter in others, resulting in stunningly realistic effects.

Color Photo Stitch

Color PhotoStitch converts a multi-color photographic file into a color embroidery design, creating an artistic stitch effect.

Be in control of your embroidery digitizing

Reduce your outsourcing costs and ensure you never miss a deadline by being in control of your embroidery digitizing.

Use EmbroideryStudio Designing’s powerful digitizing tools to turn your customer’s artwork into simple or complex embroidery designs. Create precise embroidery shapes with fewer clicks and in less time, thanks to the many versatile digitizing tools on offer.

Automate your embroidery world

Why manually digitize all your designs when Wilcom's EmbroideryStudio Designing can do the hard work for you?

With our Smart Design tools, digitizing your designs has never been easier. You can effortlessly convert entire bitmap images into fully digitized embroidery designs. This opens up endless possibilities to let your creativity flow with the help of our advanced features.


Elevate your embroidery designs!

Don't settle for standard! Automatically add texture and depth while minimizing stitch count, machine run time, and customer cost. Incorporate standard stitches with creative stitch types to produce stunning one-of-a-kind designs that stand out from the competition.

Experiment with different combinations to achieve your desired effect.

Create an Artistic Effect

Create stunning, realistic photo embroidery with Photo Flash. The even rows of thick satin stitches blends into thinner rows of running stitches to create an etched-like style.

Use it to add depth to objects such as the grapes in this winery logo.


Paint with embroidery layers

Experience the magic of Reef Photo Stitch. Automatically produce a single-color design with a single trim and no crossing stitches.

Export each color of the Cherry Blossom design into individual bitmaps for an effect reminiscent of springtime in Japan.

Bring it to Life

Add a touch of movement and texture to closed shapes with Stipple Fill. A single click creates the meandering running stitch pattern.

The stippling effect covers the entire dragonfly wing surface, bringing it to life.


World's best lettering

EmbroideryStudio Designing is jam-packed and full of powerful capability for precise and reliable embroidered lettering. Select from a library of over 228 professionally digitized embroidery fonts or instantly convert any TrueType Font to embroidery. Stylize your typeface with your choice of baselines, spacing and kerning, justification, lettering art layouts, or custom enveloping shapes.

Teamwear and uniforms made easy

Team Names makes teamwear and uniforms easy. Import your list of names, select a font and size, and Wilcom EmbroideryStudio will automatically generate a design for each design and name combination.

No manually typing, no costly mistakes.

Reduce costly trims with Branching

Branching will automatically sequence your selected objects and create travel runs for you to eliminate unnecessary and costly trims.

Save time with one-click Styles

Save your favorite stitch setting combinations as Styles and apply them to new or existing objects with one click. No need to remember all those settings!

Endless editing capabilities

Open and edit embroidery designs, including machine stitch files. Adjust stitch densities and stitch angles. Re-sequence and fix alignment issues. Apply settings such as underlay. Add or remove sections to bring the design up to your high standard.

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio object editing and reshaping

Weld, flatten and divide embroidery shapes quickly

With a single click you can weld, flatten and removing excessive overlaps in your embroidery using Shaping Tools.


Can I use EmbroideryStudio on a Mac?

EmbroideryStudio is Windows-based software, but you can run EmbroideryStudio on a Mac device using Paralells.

How many computers can I use EmbroideryStudio on?

You can install EmbroideryStudio on any as many computers as you like and simply logon and use it on any one computer at a time.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use EmbroideryStudio e4.6 Designing?

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Compatible with all major embroidery machine brands including

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The ultimate embroidery & multi-decoration software for professional digitizers, embroidery shops, industry trainers and educators, and apparel decorators.


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