Wilcom working with Tajima Embroidery Machines

The page details how Wilcom EmbroideryStudio and WilcomWorkspace Studio works with Tajima Embroidery Machines.

Tajima file format support

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio and WilcomWorkspace Studio supports the following Tajima Embroidery Machine file formats:

Format Description / Use


Use this format for Tajima needle addressing capable machines. TBF (Tajima Binary Format) file format is a more intelligent machine format which holds needle addressing information. The design needs to be digitized using this machine format for it to run on Tajima machines with a twin-sequin attachment.


Use this formation for most Tajima embroidery machines. A simple stitch file format, however it does not support thread colors or needle assignment.


Use this format for Chenille-enabled Tajima machines.

Design stitch files can be exported from EmbroideryStudio or WilcomWorkspace Studio and saved onto a USB stick for use on the machine, sent directly to a Wilcom EmbroideryConnect Wi-Fi device, or saved into a machine watch folder.

Tajima embroidery files can be exported from EmbroideryStudio and WilcomWorkspace Truesizer.

USB connection methods

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio supports USB connection to Tajima embroidery machines using:

Wireless connection with EmbroideryConnect WiFi device

The EmbroideryConnect device connects to any USB supported embroidery machine and allows you to send your design wirelessly from Wilcom EmbroideryStudio direct to the EmbroideryConnect device that is connected to your machine.

The embroidery machine reads the EmbroideryConnect device as a USB device.

Using a barcode scanner, the machine operator can scan the barcode on the Wilcom production worksheet which will automatically pull the embroidery design directly to the EmbroideryConnect device which can then be loaded onto the Tajima embroidery machine.

For information on connecting your machine using EmbroideryConnect, Click here.

For technical assistance on setting up and using EmbroideryConnect, visit https://help.wilcom.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000015975-EmbroideryConnect-Device.

Exporting a stitch file to USB drive

From within Wilcom EmbroideryStudio, you can export a stitch file directly to a USB drive to stitch a design on your Tajima embroidery machine.

Serial port direct connection methods

Some older Tajima embroidery machines require a serial port connection. Wilcom EmbroideryStudio supports connection to these machines using either the Stitch Manager or Machine Manager tool using the following cable and connection details:

Cable type

Cable type Cable diagram

Type Q (25 pin PC to 25 pin embroidery machine)

Type R (9 pin PC to 25 pin embroidery machine)

Connection details

Option Value




Standard Serial


9600 or 38400

Data bits


Stop bits






Technical support and help

For technical support or help connecting to your Tajima machine, please visit the Wilcom Help Center.