Embroidery Solutions for Commercial Embroidery

Wilcom's Professional Solutions offer the most advanced embroidery software tools for businesses looking to take their embroidery operations to the next level. With cutting-edge digitizing and editing capabilities, multi-decoration workflows, and a user-friendly interface, Wilcom's software empowers businesses to create high-quality embroidery designs efficiently and effectively. Streamline your embroidery process, increase productivity, and stay ahead of the competition with Wilcom's Professional Solutions.​

Recommended Software


The ultimate embroidery & multi-decoration software for professional digitizers, embroidery shops, industry trainers and educators, and apparel decorators.

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Professional embroidery & multi-decoration software for custom embroidery shops and apparel decorators expanding into embroidery.

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Editing, monogramming, lettering and machine connection software for non-digitizing staff in a custom embroidery shop or production facility.

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Automatic lettering, customizing and machine connection software for non-digitizing staff in a retail embroidery shop or production facility.

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Recommended Add-ons for EmbroideryStudio


Wirelessly manage and transfer embroidery designs to your embroidery machine

Add depth and dimension to your embroidery with powerful shadows, shades and open fills

Add carving, embossing and other dimensional effects to your embroidery

Create and reuse patterns for runs and fills

Fill shapes with smooth spiral stitching effects

Create unique, flowing stitch patterns that add motion and dimension to any closed object

Convert black and white, grayscale and color images into artistic stitching

Visually stunning new stitch type for added creativity

Take creativity to the next level with gradient and variable size motifs

Create dazzling double-spiral fill effects, that never crosses itself to any closed shape with a single click of a button

Convert black and white, grayscale images and/or photos into an intricate, coral-reef style run stitch. It is a modern take on the popular Photo Flash Element

Tired of perfect machine stitching every time? Fashion trends are leaning towards a more organic look which is very hard to achieve with current design tools