EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition has arrived!


Step into the future of embroidery design with Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition software, seamlessly combining advanced design features with intuitive usability, making it the first choice for embroidery professionals worldwide. Step into the future of embroidery design with Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio software, seamlessly combining advanced design features with intuitive usability, making it the first choice for embroidery professionals worldwide.
Whether you’re refining intricate details or scaling production, our state-of-the-art embroidery solution optimizes every stitch for premium quality results.

Join countless industry leaders who trust Wilcom to turn their embroidery visions into a successful and profitable embroidery venture, and elevate your embroidery business with EmbroideryStudio.

Discover the EmbroideryStudio difference today!

Over 250k users worldwide

Available in 120+ countries

40+ years of embroidery innovation

Available in 12+ languages

Wilcom has released its first DIGITAL EDITION of their flagship EmbroideryStudio software.

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The only professional embroidery design software you need

Powerful digitizing tools

Enjoy up to 16 easy-to-use digitizing tools designed to tackle any embroidery design challenge you face.

World-famous lettering

Choose from 220 professionally digitized embroidery fonts, or use any Windows TrueType Fonts.

CorelDRAW integrated

Import vector graphics directly into an integrated CorelDRAW and convert to embroidery with a single click.

Wilcom’s new Digital Edition is available in four levels

EmbroideryStudio is available in four levels



Ultimate embroidery & multi-decoration solution

Explore Designing



Professional embroidery & multi-decoration solution

Expore Decorating



Designs, monograms & lettering editing software

Explore Editing



Automatic lettering, customizing & machine connection software

Explore Lettering

All levels available in one trial!

All levels available in one trial!

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Most Popular
Designing Icon Designing
Decorating Icon Decorating Editing Icon Editing Lettering Icon Lettering
Open and Export embroidery files
Create Lettering and monograms
Professionally digitized embroidery fonts 220228 220228 220228 220228
Recolor and assign thread charts
Edit and Reshape designs
Adjust stitch settings
Team Name name drop
Outline stitch types 1214 6 4
Fill stitch types 915 5
Stitch Effects 16 9
Manual Digitizing Tools 16 5
Auto digitize designs
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite
Offset and borders
Create applique
Partial applique
Branching and automatic sequencing
Shaping tools
Embroidery clipart browser
Jagged Edge effect
Hand Stitch effect
Add-on Elements available to purchase 1912 6 2 2

We speak your language

EmbroideryStudio is available in 14 languages including English, Spanish, German, French and more.















May the Stitch be with you...

Did you know Wilcom EmbroideryStudio was used to create the beautiful costume embroidery designs featured in Star Wars films?

It’s out of this world!


Designs digitized in Wilcom EmbroideryStudio by Fullerton Designs
Lithgow, NSW, Australia


World's best embroidery lettering

EmbroideryStudio is your ultimate solution for exceptional lettering capabilities, equipped with advanced features such as sequencing, customizable kerning, TrueType Font conversion settings, advanced baseline control and a vast library of over 228 professionally digitized embroidery font sets, consisting of 159 characters. ​

CorelDRAW® included

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition is fully integrated with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite, the world’s premier graphic design solution for embroidery. With our integrated graphic design and digitizing solution, streamline your entire process from concept to production. Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust Wilcom and CorelDRAW for high-quality embroidery design.​


Easily browse your designs

Browse thumbnails of all your embroidery designs in EmbroideryStudio Design Library, your integrated design management tool. Sort and search to make finding an embroidery design easy.

Support for your commercial embroidery machine

EmbroideryStudio is the industry’s universal software solution working seamlessly with all major machine file formats. So whether you have a single machine or need to manage multiple formats, we’ve got you covered. EmbroideryStudio supports over 60 files formats including Wilcom *.EMB, Tajima *.DST, Tajima *.TBF, Barudan .DSB, Barudan FDR-3, SWF *.EBD and many more.​

Print designs for production or approval

Print your embroidery designs for production or customer approval. Customize your print worksheets to include the information you want and print, save to PDF or email.

Your favorite embroidery threads, ready to use.

EmbroideryStudio comes pre-packed with your favorite embroidery thread charts including Madeira, Gunold, Kingstar, Isacord and more.

The best digitizing tools to tackle any embroidery challenge

Choose from a suite of powerful embroidery digitizing tools that live up to any embroidery challenge you face.

Easily create shapes on screen and fill them with stitches.

Mix your embroidery with graphics to build stunning multi-decoration designs.

Expand your creative possibilities

Our suite of add-on speciality EmbroideryStudio Elements expand your creative possibilities plus boost your efficiency and productivity.